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Nandan Kumar


Nandan Kumar | Techie who "hacked" an Airline to retrieve his luggage | Software Engineer | Public Speaker | Cyber Security Enthusiast | Photographer

ChatGPT: What, How, and Why's ..!!

Jan 11, 20233 min read 246 views

P.S. : This blog was written using chatGPT, With some human intervention 😜 · What is chatGPT? ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses the power of natural...

ChatGPT: What, How, and Why's ..!!
System Design: Caching, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) & Proxies.
System Design: Domain Name System (DNS), Load Balancing & Clustering.
What is System Design? Types of IP Addresses, OSI models, and TCP/UDP Protocols.
5 Chrome/Edge extensions every Developer should have..!!
How I "Hacked" an Airline Website to get back my luggage: A first-person insight to the story.